Harvest Day At The Farm

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On the farm we tend and nurture registered Black Angus cattle. We raise future herd sires from newborns, with the help our our outstanding mamma cows, to productive young males ready to service a herd of their own. We control the heifer side of equation, by picking and choosing the correct mix for of healthy females to keep for our farm and those to sell. These females will carry on the process of becoming producing mothers for the next generations both on our farm and for those farms who purchase animals from us. Although it is not our main business here on the farm, we also have animals strictly for meat production.

We are most fortunate to have a high-quality, dedicated, and extremely sought-after mobile butcher that comes to the farm for our animal harvests. To give a little perspective of sought-after, it is typically a minimum of six months to get an appointment with our busy butcher, and don’t even think about asking for an appointment during hunting season or the fair auctions in July and August because the company is booked years in advance during those times.

Our butcher is The Meating Place located on Cornelius Pass Road in West Union. We have known and worked with the family that owns this business for nearly 30 years, from way, way back before  a company business was even a thought in the mind of owner Casey. This is one of those companies that I refer people to whenever they are in the need of a mobile butcher, want to shop the butcher counter for the perfect standing rib roast, holiday ham, or buffalo, or to sit back and enjoy a meal in their cafe.

For our day of harvest, we had two animals that were slated for harvest. We sell shares of animals for sale to our customers. Of the two animals we butchered, one half or two quarters, are still available for sale. We will have that meat stored in our dedicated freezer here at the farm once the meat is cut, wrapped and quick frozen at the butcher plant.

The harvest is a calm experience. The animals are not worked up from a nerve jangling ride in the stock trailer but comfortably going about their own pasture when the process begins. Many of you may have noticed that I keep using the word harvest rather than butcher.

The main reason is that the living animals are cared for from birth as if they are our finest show animals, it is an honor to raise them for our clients. The cattle are treated to the finest hay we produce, the best grain with no added fats or chemicals, and those delicious chopped-up apples along with fresh garden veggies and lawn clippings in season. From the beginning of their life cycle we want only the highest quality meat from their production and it is something we strive for every day. The cattle are living beings and we respect the lives that provide our nourishment.

The actual harvest, from the time the refrigerated truck pulled into the driveway to leaving the driveway was less than two hours. The harvest site was kept immaculate during the whole process, the truck is spotless, all equipment looks as if it was just unwrapped from the box. Professionalism from beginning to end here on site and it continues at the shop where the carcasses are hung for curing before cutting and wrapping to the designated requests of the purchaser.




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