A Good Day To Be Stuck Inside

It started off a rather gloomy day with thick fog and indistinguishable views of the forest so it was a good time to spend a couple of hours in the barn across the river. In this barn we have the Super Split set up along with several empty cribs awaiting to be filled up. My job on this day was to split enough wood to fill at least one of the cribs which hold a half-cord of firewood each and to make enough wood into kindling sized pieces to rack up for drying which is about a quarter-cord of wood.

As the fog thickened and obscured most of my view, I was comfortable in the barn with the dogs as company and only needing to go outside to get a second and third Gator load of wood that had already been cut from the log deck into 16 inch chunks.

The Super Splitter is quite the workhorse and the one gallon sized fuel tank outlasts me by several hours of strenuous splitting. The job for me is simply setting the chunks of wood onto the splitting table and letting the centrifugal force of the Super Split flywheel do the hard part. After about an hour of splitting, I take time to stack the pile of wood into the cribs where they have good airflow to finish curing and drying before going back to split some more.

The wood that I was working on this day had been naturally dried while it rested in the log deck throughout the summer but had soaked up moisture since the weather turned to the more rainy days we are used to this time of year. The wood will only need a few weeks to dry off this surface moisture and then will be ready to move to the bull barn where we have our wrapping station set up.

Even though it was rather a gloomy day, it turned out to be enjoyable and productive.

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