All Soggy And Mucky

These last few weeks of rain have turned everything into a muddy mess. We are getting some moisture every day but many 24 hour periods are seeing more than an inch accumulation.

Mike had been putting of driving south to get grain until the weather cleared, but he bull pen has only a day supply left and the show barn that holds the cows and heifers on one side and the newly weaned heifers on the other has less than a two day supply of feed. In order to make the grain supply stretch a little longer we had cut down on the volume of grain they were all eating and upped the hay we were measuring out for each meal. The critters are not pleased with the idea of scrimping on the grain and we do not excess hay to increase the daily volume for very long.

Even though it is still raining every day, Mike has decided we cannot wait any longer to get our load of two tons of grain. He has a mat in the bed of the pickup to hold the grain above any moisture that happens to sneak in as he is driving and uses a stout, rainproof tarp to secure the load under the cargo straps. Even though he wraps things up securely, the rain still seems to get in so once home we will need to get air to the grain to dry out the excess moisture to prevent spoilage.

Even inside the barns, the relative humidity is right around 95% and the bull barn has been having rain and wind bringing in wetness well beyond where I have trying to bundle firewood. Each day, I have been sweeping the water out of the open door and each night the rain and wind re-wet the area. I hear that the weather is supposed to break in the next week or so and that will help firm up the pasture ground and dry the insides of the storage areas of the barns. That is good news for the cows, their grain and for the bundling area of the barn.

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