Inca, Aztec or Schmidlin?

Throughout civilization, fertility has been sought after and revered. Statues were cast, whittled, sculpted and formed to signify the  female beauty of fertility, the essence of Mother Earth and the desire to create. They tended to be voluptuous, rounded and burgeoning.   On the other hand, male versions of fertility tended to be more, shall we say, direct and pointed (if you get my drift).

We were working in the barn splitting wood the other day, when Marilyn was splitting wood into kindling. Some of the pieces  of wood were twisted and she was trying her best to get a few slices off that would be small enough for kindling while the more twisty or unusual, malformed chunks would be pitched into the pile for use in our outdoor furnace.

One hunk of wood took on an unexpected shape and is now being used as a door stop and conversation piece at the corner of the garage. For those of you who are reading this story through the site, I urge you to go to to see the artifact in question.

I will leave the comments to you, the reader.


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