End Of Garden Beets

This is the swan song for the garden beets for this year. Although they were not as prolific as last years bounty, we have enjoyed beets for many meals.

A pan full of baby beets ready to cook.These little beauties are the runts that were left after I had picked over the row all summer.

Many times I have made raw beet salad with diced apples and pears soaked in a honey, ginger and Balsamic vinegar dressing. But these are going to be boiled until tender, drained, and sliced to top green salad for dinner.

A Frantic Call over a Bean Emergency

A quick call was placed to a neighbor when I heard the weather forecast for the upcoming week. The last seven days of cool, cloudy, sprinkles has been a treat from the high 90’s we had been experiencing. Now the forecast calls for this week to warm and the same weather pattern to hold several days in the 90’s or higher.

The garden is currently producing extra summer squash, about a five gallon bucket full per day and more beans than the farm could eat. And there is also another five gallon bucket of fallen apples each day. I am already feeding quite a bit to the cows and didn’t want to increase the fresh garden produce before hauling to and fro with fair activities.

The fair animals needed to be the priority and I would not have time to pick or process all the produce before it growing too big for human consumption.

Explaining the dilemma  to the neighbor brought swift action and five people to scour the beans, peas, beets and squash rows, picking all the veggies in a swift manner.

This is definitely a win/win, I got my garden picked and the neighbors got fresh veggies for a couple of dinners! What a relief to know that I won’t have to worry about the garden over growing during the next busy days of the fair.

Today, I will water all the plants until saturated, setting the garden up to be on its own for the rest of the week.

A pic of many of the garden veggies growing in rows, corn, squash, beans, carrots, beets, tomatillo, tomato and potatoes.