Here Birdie, Birdie, Birdie

My DIY project to save my strawberry crop is complete. The rocks that I had gathered had been painted red and set overnight. When I had a little time, I painted light green at the top of the rocks. A few days later, I added black dots (fingernail polish) to simulate the seeds of the berries. Then I added darker green at the tops and outlined the leaves.

I finished the decoy berries off with a clear spray seal.

Rocks painted to simulate strawberries.I think they turned out o.k. in an artsy-fartsy kind of way. I am hoping that the birds are cross-eyed or just plain stupid for the decoy berries to work their magic and turn the birds off the fruit altogether.

When I was describing my plan to a group of friends, one kind-hearted soul asked a question. She said, “Won’t the decoys just attract more birds?”

We shall see, grasshopper, we shall see!

'Rock' berries are placed around the berry bushes as decoys.


Strawberries Are Blooming

The strawberries are blooming!That is a sure sign of spring. I have also noticed that the birds have started swooping around the plants with hopes of a berry or two.

The strawberry plants in the garden are now blooming.I have been working on the decoy berries and will be giving you the full details of the process. I plan on ‘planting’ the decoys in the next few days.

In the meantime, my right hand helper took a look at my work in progress and remarked that they may look a bit like strawberries but also looked like eggplants. I think that my work in progress needs a little more touch-up.

Mud Swallows

The mud swallows have returned in force to the farm. While these critters are a nuisance round the house, I encourage them to build lots of nests around the barns. Watching them swoop and scoop little droplets of mud and build their structures one drop at a time is better than people watching.
The cats get a little upset when a stroll through the pasture has kamikaze dive-bombers launching aerial attacks. The open grass land offers little protection from the swoops.
Mud swallows building nests in roof peak of barn.