Strawberries In Full Swing

A bowlfull of strawberries.The strawberries are in mid-season and we have been trying to keep up on picking them before the birds get to them.

Between fresh eating and sharing with friends and family I have been starting to freeze small batches of the extras.

I do not like to add sugar to the deliciously sweet berries that I freeze, but there are a few tricks that I use on a regular basis. Continue reading


During the busy summer months, I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. I tend to freeze much of my garden bounty that does not get eaten fresh.

In the grocery business, IQF stands for individually quick frozen. Here on the farm, the quick part is basically the home deep freeze, but it works the same way.

The Boysen and Marion berries are ripe. After picking they get a quick rinse and are put onto cookie sheets and set into the freezer. After a few hours the individually frozen berries are transferred to gallon freezer bags and returned to the freezer. Continue reading