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It may seem strange, but 2017 is turning out to be the year of the sock.

This is my third post this month that deals with socks. I did not plan it but it just happened to be a re-occurring theme.

Today the story is about a sacrifice, I cut up a pair of panty hose to slip over my work boots during the ice storm that slickened every surface of the farm.

nylons slipped over the top of work boots.For two reasons, I used ivory colored nylons. Reason number one, I could not remember the last time I wore ivory tights (for that matter, I can’t remember the last time I wore any pantyhose, but that is a whole different story).

Reason number two, I happened to have a pair stuffed in the back of my sock drawer.

So I didn’t feel bad about the sacrifice as I hacked the hose into four lengths sans the panty part. I slipped one length over each of my boots, then I slipped ones on Mike’s boots.

Panty hose covering over boots.The nylons were tight enough to hold on the boots as we trekked outside to feed the cattle. The mesh of the tights gave just enough traction so we did not slip on the thick layer of ice that covered all surfaces.

The pantyhose worked great, but we had to be careful to keep moving our feet because the mesh would freeze to the surface causing the hose to rip and tear. The tights only lasted for one feeding but that was enough to give us the traction we needed during this winter storm.

Snow, Ice, Socks

Handy household tips are great. Better yet, handy farm tips are even greater than that. Anything that saves me a little time, or elbow grease, or just makes things easier in the long run, perks me up and I am willing to give new ideas (that are sometimes goofy sounding) a try.

The local news station was giving ideas about easy snow and ice removal on your car or pickup during the winter months. I already knew about the rubbing alcohol mixed with water in a spray bottle for de-icing a windshield. I had un-frozen door locks with a squirt of hand sanitizer before, nothing new there. But when they talked about covering your windshield wipers with socks to keep them from sticking to the windshield, I thought, I gotta try that! Continue reading