Log Roll Out

I had the opportunity to attend a Log Roll Out recently. The local mill in Clatskanie invited log producers in the area for a day at the mill.

Inspection of logs at mill.18 logs were chosen and placed in the yard for the producers to get a close look at the wide variety of sizes, lengths, defects and grades of each log.

In the looming distance, the log deck awaits to be moved into the mill. Continue reading


A Busy Log Landing

Log pile on the left, split firewood on the right and felled tree in background.On this foggy morning, the log landing is a hub of activity.

At the left of the picture you can see a smidgen of the decked logs that are destined to be cut into 16 inch pieces. On the front right you can see a pile of completed firewood pieces that are destined to be stacked into a crib later on in the day. And in the background you can see the tree ‘Old Three Top’ with only about half of its oversized limbs removed with many more still to go before the logs can go into the shipping deck. In the middle of the picture, the falling saw sits atop the stump from ‘Old Three Top.’


Dog Log

Black and white dog on log pile.You would think that Jackson the dog would have been tired after spending the day running the woods while we were scarifying the clearings and bringing turns of timber down the hill.

But being tired didn’t stop him from finding a high vantage point on the top of the log pile in the landing. Once up there he spent several minutes looking each direction just in case there was something about that needed to be chased down. There has been a gray squirrel that has been hiding around the log pile and both dogs spend hours running around and around trying to lure the critter out of its secure hiding hole under the pile.

Jackson always runs on logs. He is very good at it and he does it for fun. It surprised us when he posted up on this tallest vantage point over 5 feet in the air.

Final Contract Load

A loaded log truck destined for the pulp mill.The final loads destined for mills are the pulp logs. These are long, slender trees that are not big enough for lumber.

They have been cut down to the 3 inch tops and are trucked to either the pulp mill in North Plains, or the sister company in Longview, Washington.

Since both mills are the same company, the hauler gets to choose the destination depending on where other forests are located that have logs scheduled to be hauled.

This is the final load out our forest to complete the logging contract for our cleanup/thinning project for this year. It has been an intensive summer and seeing this last load depart from the forest brings the realization that the really big job of clearing and replanting is now looming and the hard work has just begun.

Aside From The Contract

A newly constructed spur off the main log road.With the processor already gone from the woods we had to punch in a short spur road to retrieve a few damaged trees that are not part of the logging contract.

This spur takes off just before the head of the canyon and swings around the hill to connect back up with an established road.

The trees cleaned out from this area will need to be removed from the woods and hauled down the hill to our own log deck for hauling after this latest heat streak has been scoured out with a good rain. It may take a month or more before we can complete our load of logs.

Large Logs

A self loader and a shovel working together to load logs.Two pieces of equipment were needed to load the heavy logs onto a self-loader log truck.

The truck would pick up the front of the log while the shovel would pick up the back of the log.

The two would lift and set the log into place inside the bunks of the log truck, where the load would be cabled and cinched tight before the logs could be trucked out of the landing.

When one log could hold 1,000 board feet of timber and weigh up 20,000 pounds, double teaming the stick makes good sense.

First Load Out Of The Woods

A loaded log truck emerging from the woods. My job is to make sure the gate is open so the log truck will have clear passage onto the county road.

From my vantage point, I can see across the river as the first load emerged from the woods after coming down the newly installed logging road.

The truck stops on level ground to check that the load has not shifted and that the chain binders ( cables that surround the load and hold it firm to the truck) have not loosened.

Once the truck fords the river and makes it to the logging gate, flaggers are positioned both directions on the county road so the truck has full access to both lanes while making a sweeping turn onto the road.

Loaded log truck emerging onto county road.The first loaded log truck from our clean-up operation is now on the road to the mill in Clatskanie.

This load is the smaller sized timber that was damaged during the storms and would never grow to make good lumber. There were more than 30 pieces on this one truckload.