Apple Trees Need Pruning

We were very fortunate to have established fruit trees in the orchard when we bought the property late in the 1970s. Many of the apple trees were grafted and had several different varieties of apples on each tree.

The old trees have been showing their age. Many of the wonderful grafts have broken out of the big trees and several have rotten spots growing in the trunks. Over the last five years we have slowly been adding new trees to the orchard. The new trees are dwarf or semi-dwarf varieties and will be much easier to trim than these huge monsters.

This time of year all the trees need to be pruned in order to get good fruit setting on the trees. Future posts will show the progress of the fruit tree pruning.

Ornamental Tree Trimming

Ornamental trees in the fall after losing most of their leaves.I do not claim to be an arborist.  I have no formal training, but I can tell that my ornamental trees need help. They are all out of shape and I am afraid that if I do not cut them back, their tops will grow so stringy that they will break where I don’t want them to. Continue reading