Preview Of Daybreak

sunshine on foggy mountainJust before the sun broke over the horizon of a rather cloudy day with a fluffy blanket of fog hovering on the treetops, a shaft of sunlight pierced through and lit up a wedge of the hill.

It lasted less than a couple of minutes because the shaft of bright light was soon consumed by the upper and lower clouds. But the momentary glory showed that the day wasn’t as bleak as it looked and that soon the sun would do its job and burn off the thick moisture to warm and light a new day.

So Close I Could Touch It

We are finally experiencing weather that feels like spring since the cold grip of winter is loosening a bit.

A close rainbow in field.A day full of dark ominous clouds creating bursts of rain with hail switching to brilliant sunlight moments later gave beautiful rainbows between the two on and off throughout the day.

It is a nice break from the below average temperatures of February and first half of March. Which reminds me, it is time to get back to all the spring obligations now that the weather is cooperating.

Taking Advantage Of The Sun

Calves flopped out in the grass field sunbathing.The calves were slow to get up at feeding time because the sun was shining. The critters were flopped this way and that, some lolling flat on their sides in the damp grass.

The group of sunbathers began moving when one calf decided that a bit of hay sounded tempting. One by one they got up and meandered over to their mothers to nibble awhile before nursing again.