I had mentioned that we use our own code here on the farm, sometimes as a shortcut to words we use all the time but many more times it is more like nicknames of the familiar.

On our crisscross web of skid roads throughout the forest, we name (sometimes temporarily) the roads or landmarks along the road. Currently the roads I use most often are called; the top of the canyon, the ladder, rope, clay stretch, rooted old growth, upper gate, along the back, new road and 6 acre begin. Some of the names can be figured out as one travels along in the woods, other names would not be that obvious and can change at a whim. Continue reading

Dead For A Good Cause

A few posts back I had made a statement about how we try to keep the farm as neat and tidy as possible by cleaning up and storing everything from hand tools to heavy equipment to recycling. I like to think we have a well kept place, but many times I am wrong. Continue reading

A Little Leverage

One of the handy tools that I use when working on the firewood is a Peavey.

A tool used to manually move logs.It has a wooden handle that is about three times thicker than a good shovel handle and at the top is a metal point and a swivel hook.

The point and hook are jammed into a log and the leverage allows for a human to roll a log that is several hundred pounds heavier than themselves. I also use it on blocks of wood that are too big to move by pushing so they get to a flat spot to be split.

A grapple tool used to manually move logs.The handy tool doesn’t take the manual labor out of the firewood making job, but it does make it easier.

With the help of this Peavey, the pile of slash that I was cleaning up and making into firewood is down to just a few Gator loads of wood (also, my right-hand-helper did a lot of the work!)

I Need a Thing

While at the woodland tour, I came across a little tool that the owners use on their property.

It is called a Weed Wrench woody plant puller, it is also called and Uprooter, Brush Grabber or an Extractigator (I kid you not!). It looks like a pipe wrench attached to a  three foot pole.

The premise behind the tool is to slide the pipe wrench part around the stem of Scotch Broom, Hawthorn, Bull Thistles, etc. and lever the pole so that the wrench slide shut on the stem and the operator can pull the weed right out of the ground. It’s all manual, so it does take quite a bit of maneuvering, but I think that would be much easier that carrying a chain saw and shovel around like I have been doing.

This year is already past time when the soil will be damp enough to work this amazing appliance, but I have all winter to either find one or have one fabricated. So now, I am looking for my own weed wrench, I need that thing!