Ready Rhubarb

rhubarbI noticed the commercial rhubarb fields in the valley are being harvested. Acres and acres of rows are cut off the plant with machetes, the leaves are removed leaving the stem of the rhubarb to be tossed into large totes throughout the field.

The stems are shipped all over the United States. Much of the fruit is made into desserts, jams and syrups. Most of the time it is mixed with strawberries to calm the tart flavor of the rhubarb. My family happen to be rhubarb purists and don’t like mixing other fruits with the rhubarb (other than a little lemon or orange juice crystals added to make the flavor pop). Continue reading

Breakfast in the Garden

I could actually dine in the garden with the good china, the polished silver and the sparkling crystal. I could even dress up and make it an affair to remember.
A fresh garden salad for a group of eight.

I could, but I don’t. It is much more likely to see me in the early morning, foraging for breakfast. Continue reading

Double Down

I have a heavy hand when it comes to planting vegetable seeds. If a few seeds are nice, a lot of seeds just has to be better. Trouble is, that when the seeds germinate and are too crowded it not only impairs the growth of the plant, it also creates much more work for the gardener. All those extra sprouts need to be weeded out of the row. I don’t like weeding, never have. Continue reading