Poop Snooping

Dog in pen with angus cow and calf.Jackson the dog gets frantic this time of year when the new calves are born. He just has to get in close and check for baby poop.

He has been known to go up to a calf while sleeping to lick the tail area clean, or to wake up a calf to check if there is any poop under it. The mothers do not care for him to be so close to their babies so he has learned to be real sneaky and brazen at times.

He crawls right into the pen, nose to the ground and covers every inch. The calves don’t care for the intrusion and it becomes a hokey-pokey kind of dance shuffling this way and that. The calves want to investigate who is coming into the pen but don’t want to get to close to the Unidentified Sniffing Object.

While the dog/calf commotion is going on a cow or two pulls away from eating hay in the manger and come at the dog head first. Jackson is very quick and scoots through the gate and out of the path of being crushed by the cow. But once the cows goes back to eating, Jackson goes back to poop snooping.


Loaded And Ready

A black and white dog on hay stacked on Gator.Jackson the farm dog loves to ride the bales. When the Gator is loaded with five bales, he likes to fit into the niche of the two on the second layer.

It is a good vantage point as he scours the landscape for squirrels, chipmunks, birds and coyotes. The added benefitĀ  of the hay bales give him good back end support as he rubs those itchy spots.

Now if I could only get him trained to feed the hay bales in flakes off the Gator we would have a much easier time feeding the cows.

Not Quite As Freezy

A dog stands at the edge of the field while fog begins to form.The cold snap broke and we are slowly getting back to a weather pattern that is more typical. Pipes and hoses are no longer frozen solid and we can water the animals with the irrigation again between nights that freeze and days that thaw.

Forecasts have been waffling for a week about the chances of snow on the 25th. We had less than a trace two days ago and it disappeared as the sun came up.

In the fields, the ground is still frozen several inches down below the turf while the moisture in the air hovers in patches across the trees and into the dips of the field.

Butler the dog watches the fog as it dances around. He is hoping to see a coyote or bird move about so he can go running, but for now it is just the fog.

Here a Sniff, There a Sniff

My truffle expeditions have yielded zero truffles. The dog is willing, and I have been digging like crazy at every rodent hole in the woods, but have come up empty.

Perhaps I will need to find an experienced truffle hunter to pal around with to begin the process of getting theĀ  hidden gems out of the forest.

I may have to take out an ad in the local paper

Good sniffer needed to train semi-willing participant in learning the fine art of truffles.

Once you have me trained, the dog also needs help.

Only serious sniffers need apply.

Yeah, this may not be one of my best ideas…

Dirt Dog

The logging dogs Butler and Jackson keep busy running around while the bulldozer is moving or the saw is running, but when we stop for a break the dogs do also.

Butler had already claimed prime spot that is the cool dirt beneath the dozer.

Dog finds a cool spot under logs.Jackson found the next best spot, the churned earth beneath the turn of logs that had already been attached to the dozer with the steel cables (chokers).

While Mike set his saw and himself on one of the logs for a breather, Jackson crawled under them where the area was cool and damp.

Once break time was over, the dogs once again scurried off into the woods again while this turn of logs headed to the landing at the bottom of the hill.

Waiting Patiently, Again

Butler the dog, has been at it again.

The other day we were working on hay equipment in the barn and I realized that Butler was not hanging around as usual.

A black and white dog rests his head on the yellow seat of the Gator.He was sitting on the Gator with his head on the driver seat, just waiting.

I’m sure that he was hoping that we were going to be going into the woods (his favorite place to run and play), but he was willing to hang out for as long as it took while we messed with greasy parts on equipment.


Patiently At The Door

Black and white dog waiting outside door.Butler knows the rules, he is an outside dog only.

Having the door ajar into the garage is still very tempting, he is on high alert wanting to check out why the door is open and if anyone is coming out and especially if that someone happens to have a kibble, a nibble or dinner with them.

Butler will stand guard at this open door for as long as it takes to find out why the door is open. Just in case he needs to sound the alarm to notify us humans that the door is not secure.