First Hay Field

Tractor making bales in hayfield.Mike mowed the grass down for  the first hay field. We waited a day then used a fluffer (think of a tow-behind whirly gig contraption like four egg beaters whipping the drying grass and scattering it scattered to and fro). Then waited another day to start raking the fluffy, dry grass into wind rows so the baler can make tied bales about 60 to 70 pounds in weight. Continue reading


Dogs On The Barbie

Listening to the news the other night, the weather forecaster announced the beginning of the the meteorological summer. Now I am no fool even though I act very foolish sometimes, I know that the summer solstice is not until the June 20 or 21 or 22nd and that the forecaster must have been mistaken.

I did the same thing I always do when I stumble upon something that just doesn’t sound right, I begin investigating. I did the same thing when I heard of a Bomb Cyclone, Arctic Blast, and Lenticular Clouds. Now before I lose all my readers to the great cyber space vortex called the internet, I will fill you in on those terms… Continue reading

Interest In Breakfast

Sometime during the night, the cows and calves of the main herd decided to cross the river to lounge and nibble in a small field near the county road.

This field just happens to be across the road from the bull pen where we have five yearling bulls that are simply itching to make friends with some females. We heard the snuffling and snorting well before sunrise and knew exactly what was going on before we got out of bed.

calves and dog in field.Electric fences keep everyone separated and away from the log trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and commuter traffic that travel between the two groups of critters.

The calves are all bunched into gangs that usually correlate  with their ages. The youngest three calves typically hang together so the bigger ones don’t pick on them although the spunky ones break the boundaries to practice head butting and chasing. Continue reading

Double Duty For Barn And Dog

A white and black dog on haybales in the barn.While the barn is used for hay storage and feeding for the yearling bulls, the empty half of the barn is used for bundling firewood.

Each use creates its own kind of mess and it is only about 10 feet between the two so we make an effort to keep the hay mess and the wood mess cleaned up as much as possible no matter which area we are working in.

It was a very stormy day and everyone was happy to be out of the weather. As we were working in the wood, Butler the dog was inspecting part of the haystack in search of vermin that like to move in this time of year, but he would always peek around the corner to make sure we were still working on the crib of wood that needed to be bundled. Both dog and barn were doing double duty on this winter day.

While I Toil

Jackson the dog has the right idea, while I was busy running the splitter, he found a cozy spot to curl up and take a nap.

A black and white dog curled up in a stack of hay bales.His eyes were open and he was watching me as I did my stealthy-ist version of sneaking up on him to take the picture.

He did not move from his comfy nest. It was a good idea since outside the barn the rain and wind were creating a very blustery day.

Supervisor Of The Canine Persuasion

Mike got an extra supervisor in the woods on this day. Jackson had followed him as he walked down the cleaned log after all the branches had been cut off. Mike had jumped down off the log and Jackson stayed  on.

While Mike was attaching the logging choker (a steel cable that is hooked to the bulldozer drum), Jackson stood patiently for Mike to complete his task.

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Jackson did finally get off the log when it was time to start pulling it down the hill and out of the woods.

Quick Cool Off

A black and white dog in the river.Jackson has the right idea when he gets too hot while working in the woods.

Throughout the day he heads downhill to the river and jumps right in. A quick splash or two and he heads back uphill to join us in the woods.

He does this several times throughout the day and enjoys every minute of it. I have found that he sure sleeps well at night when he spends the day and all of his energy on this simple reward.