A Dog Story

Jackson, the impulsive, carefree, wildly enthusiastic one out of our two farm dogs was acting so silly the other day we just had to take a few pictures to document the event.

I had four barrel tubs that were filled with bark and small wood pieces that break off as we are using the splitter to split the wood down into manageable firewood pieces. The tubs barely fit into the bed of the Gator, which is also the bed that Jackson has claimed as his own and he requires that he ride back there whenever possible. We did not think that this time he would be able to ride back there since the bed was full corner to corner.

When Jackson realized we were cleaning up and ready to move over to the house side of the river, he jumped on the front of the Gator, made a quick leap on the seats and up into the bed on top of the barrels. He looked like he was trying to win a game of TWISTER since he had two feet in one barrel and the other two feet were in a couple of other barrels. That looked pretty funny all by itself, but as we began the drive, the filled barrels started to compact. By the time we got over to the house, Jackson was sunk up to his belly and with his feet in separate barrels could not lift a leg to get unstuck.

The excursion didn’t seem to bother Jackson at all and he waited patiently for me to lift him out of two of the barrels before he get the traction he needed to jump off the Gator.

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Canine Interruptions

During the summer time when daybreak begins before 5am, it is easy to get an hour or two of work in before its time for the morning chores. This time of year it is harder to get out real early because more time is spent fumbling around in the dark than getting any decent work accomplished. The dogs would much rather I stuck to the early morning schedule because they use this time away from the dangers of the county road as their personal fun time. Even with a later start time, the dogs are happy any time they get to run off leash. They watch the hillside for coyotes, they run hither and yon across the pastures, sniff for moles and gophers at every mound, and are basically on their own to keep busy. Continue reading

Self-Imposed Jail Time

Jackson and Butler, the two farm dogs, keep us company while we are working. They complain and pout if we go across the river for any reason and don’t take them along. The John Deere Gator is a sure fire clue to the dogs that someone is about to go somewhere. If we head toward the Gator, the dogs perk up and begin to anticipate the next adventure.

A crib made to haul firewood sitting in the bed of the John Deere Gator with dog insideOn this day, Mike had just completed another crib to hold firewood. This crib was fashioned with a regular sized pallet for the base and salvaged wood from the house that we tore down about 10 years ago.

It fits nicely into the bed of the Gator so it can be hauled across the river where a stack of wood is waiting to brought inside before the rains begin that are expected to last a week. Continue reading

If Only We Looked East First

We had a little fence fixing to do before we are planning to move the cows from the far, far field back to this side of the river. A little over an hour, a few t-posts, a dozen wire clips and several scratches from barb wire was all it took to reinforce a couple of spots where the cows have been reaching over, around and through the established fence line.

Once that task was completed, we had just enough time to take the Gator up the hill to check our seedlings before the sun set for the day. The evening was pleasant, the dogs were having a great time and the baby trees seemed to be undisturbed. That is when we started seeing elk tracks in the road. They had been scrimmaging and scuffling around in the dirt, it looked like they were having a regular, home style, hoe-down. From what we could tell the tracks were not very old because we had a heavy dew that morning and these had to have been left after that moisture. Continue reading

Two Dogs In A Small Space

The John Deere Gator is home base for the two farm dogs, Jackson and Butler. They know that if the Gator is not parked in the shop, there is a good chance that a farm task will be worked on soon and the Gator will be part of that task. Neither dog wants to be the last one one the Gator.

On this day, the bed of the Gator was filled with large tubs of kindling for our firewood project.

Neither dog was able to get into the bed with it already being full, so they did the next best thing and made do with the smaller space on the front where the passenger legs area are supposed to go. Once on board, these two stood stock-still for about 10 minutes while patiently waiting for a driver, neither one attempted to sit on the seat because they know that the bench is off limits.

When the dogs were little they both would fit in this space easily with still enough room for a human. Now that they are full grown it is a little tougher, but they are not about to lose the chance to go to work. And just who needs another human passenger anyway?

Now I Can Whistle A Tune

One of my devoted and extremely special followers (don’t get fooled, every one of my followers are devoted and extremely special to me), took my ranting over a simple whistle to heart and went in search of one since I was unable and a little lazy getting one on my own. That is me in a nutshell, quick to rant and slower to act, but I digress from the story.

My friend found a single whistle while visiting the nearby ACE Hardware store. I never expected that they would carry that product and I can’t fathom why a hardware store would carry a whistle. Perhaps there is a need for one to get the attention of a spouse that is re-attaching a gutter atop a ladder on the second story dormer gutter, or a handy person that has only his/her behind sticking out as they repair the leaky drain under the sink. Somehow a whistle does not seem appropriate in those instances, but I am thrilled that my follower found one in the unlikely hardware store!

a bobbys whisle hanging on the GatorIn a place of honor, the shrill bobby whistle now swings happily side to side from the roll bar of the Gator as we traverse the forest in search of our nuisance seedling munchers. Yes, deer and elk, I’m talking about you. Be aware, me and my trusty whistle are on the lookout.